About Us

Brunel Logistics is a multi-service logistics organisation that simplifies the integration of all transportation related operations for your business. With over 40 years of international experience, we offer bespoke supply chain solutions.
We are customer-oriented; we treat your business as we do our own and promote cost- effective and viable logistics solutions. We are robustly structured, delivering the solutions and results that allow our customers to prioritise the focus on the dominant objectives of their own business.

Why Brunel


To enhance your existing supply chain and help develop new strategies with a cost-effective professional approach.


We encourage open dialogue with clients to understand individual requirements and offer focused solutions.


A commitment to develop long-term relationships with like-minded companies that rely on price-sensitive logistics solutions.


A proven track record to “deliver” no matter how big or small the shipment might be.

Global presence

Spread across borders, ensuring fast, reliable, secure and professional supply chain services.

Servicing Businesses For Over 20 Years

Our global presence ensures a fast, reliable, secure and professional supply chain solution.